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Our textile company, which is a family-owned company with a well-established commercial history of 30 years, implemented the BLANCA brand 7 years ago, which it has been dreaming about for many years. As a strong brand that leads the ready-to-wear sector with its own fabric production and designs, sustainable and natural methods preferred production process, it has taken its first step to its dream of opening up to the world by realizing its first international experience in Spain immediately after its establishment.

Our designer Duygu Došan Esen combining decency with the unique naturalness and elegance of the Aegean in its designs, adhering to traditional methods with 100% Anatolian cotton and linen, it created a perfect harmony between Spain and Turkey with inspiration taken from Andalusia…

Blanca, which is currently preferred by many countries in America, Australia, the Middle East and Europe develops its designs every year by producing high quality, ethical and nature-friendly materials in accordance with the expectations of customers all over the world, away from the perception of fast and tiring fashion, and continues on its way by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground.

Our production and headquarters is in Izmir Turkey, our design office is in Marbella Spain and we have a sales office in Regensburg Germany.