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Who Made My Clothes?

The Faster Fashion

The “faster fashion” industry has generated  a need  for companies  to produce  garments at a cheaper price, this result in the fashion industry being one of the number one culprits of slave labor. In order to respond more rapidly to fashion’s latest trends, manufacturers need to make more clothes for less of a cost. By underpaying employees (or not paying  them at all), billion dollar corporations are able to generate  a greater profit, when you buy from these companies you are supporting their  exploitative practices.

Because of this known horrific truth in the world, we prefer to have a local ateliers  production team where all of our products are made. With our production  being under our own roof and just down the street we can ensure we are obtaining sustainable practices, also ensuring that not only every garments quality is perfect but also all workers are paid above minimum wages.

In order to be our best, we’re focused on four strategic fundamentals. They sit holistically over our complete value chain, and enable total transparency across the true social, environmental and economic costs of every decision we make. Essentially, they allow us to be 100% accountable for our actions. 

Our value chain is defined as:

Raw Materials
Materials Manufacturing 
Garment Manufacturing 
Garment End of Life