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We Care for Nature

As Blanca, we have a strong sense of love, unity and responsibility for the planet we consider home. For this reason, we undertake the task of inspiring our community of like-minded people with our products and existence, to expand the circle of unity by incorporating the unique gifts of Mother Nature into our production process and to enable them to connect to it more deeply.


We design each of our pieces for timeless use. While doing this, we believe in slow fashion and minimum consumption, so we aim for only 1 collection per year.


With the awareness of our responsibility towards Mother Nature, we design pieces that can be used for a lifetime and accompany many stories, not for temporary trends.

I am nature. Nature is me…


About Ethics & Sustainability

As we all know, there are many negative facts about the impact of fashion on Mother Nature. Since we, as Blanca, are in this cycle, we make great efforts to positively increase the environmental, social and economic impacts of our own production and value chain.
Since we attach great importance to transparency and honesty, we would like to share our thoughts with you sincerely. Being a fully sustainable brand today is actually almost impossible if you look at it. Being aware of this, our dream is to try to do the best we can, to try to make the world we live in more beautiful than it is today, and to leave it to future generations in a more beautiful state.

As Blanca, it is always our top priority to try to do our job by fulfilling the steps of sustainability. It is extremely important for us to be an honest, respectful, sustainable fashion brand towards our customers, employees and our planet.
  With the business we have created, as a female entrepreneur brand, we aim to increase employment especially for women, provide fair, ethical, safe and clean workplace conditions on a global scale, and minimize the negative environmental and social impacts that may arise by controlling every stage of our production network by prioritizing sustainability in all areas of production. We strive for. Because we know that no clothing material can be more valuable than the world we live in....